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New Year, New Bikinis! - Sexikinis Swim

New Year, New Bikinis! - Sexikinis Swim

New Year means new possibilities. At Sexikinis Swim we have so much new possibilities in store, new designs and new approach. Let's reflect on 2021, wow! I was just about to say 2020. Time is moving so fast, but yes, I mean 2021. The year of pandemic and lockdown. Despite, we pulled through and a lot of great things came from the pandemic regardless of all the lost we've all had. Sexikinis Swim being a pandemic baby, I am grateful of all the support from friends, family and strangers. I appreciate you all! 

What's to come in 2022!

Sexikinis has always been an idea and to be honest I always knew it would become a reality. Thanks to a friend of mine Veronica, she gave me the extra push when she reminded me about what I had started. The passion came back instantly. My 2021 collection had a mixture of colors and was contemporary. I have so many new design ideas for 2022, you can expect a lot of bandage bikini, high waist styles, sport one piece styles, and more earth tone colors to come.

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Vintage style one piece swimsuit - Sexikinis Swim

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Vintage style one piece swimsuit - Sexikinis Swim

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